The Manny Flag is a way to unify our generation as one. The only way to grow is to come together. The Manny Flag is a symbol of PEACE, and NOT to be radicalized. So much of our generation has love and passion for what is right in their hearts, but many do not know where to start.

This website is to be used as a hub for change. We will update this page as often as possible with petitions, donation links, and other methods of making change. The biggest thing you can do is spread the word by whatever means possible. Start by linking mannyflag.org in your social media.


How Gen-Z Can Make A Difference

  • Signing petitions takes less than 10 seconds. By spending just two minutes every day signing petitions, we could bolster SO MANY important causes.

  • If you're old enough, PLEASE go out and vote for every election that you can, even at a local level it is IMPORTANT!

  • Your contribution matters! Take the lead by donating what you can; a dollar from everyone adds up fast!

  • Use your voice. Tell your racist uncle to STFU when he makes a racist remark at the dinner table. Stand up for what is right.
    Do not keep quiet when you need to be heard.

  • As the years go on, push for the abolishment of our bipartisan system. Both the Democratic and Republican party prevent us from moving forward. Fight for the people.
    Abolish corruption.

  • Support LOCAL businesses whenever possible. Think about who you're giving your money to.
    Use your consumer dollar wisely.

The Manny Flag Petition

Send any petitions, donation links, thoughts, concerns, and/or questions to

The Glorious Manny Flag

The Glorious Flag

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